Green Country is the Authorized Dealer of iKamper Skycamp in Vietnam

iKamper is an independent and global rooftop tent manufacturer based in South Korea, with a U.S. presence based out of the Seattle area. The company crowdfunded its first tent in 2017, the Skycamp, which raised more than $2 million on Kickstarter. They currently sell an upgraded version of that tent, the Skycamp 2.0; their lineup also includes three more tents and a range of accessories.

Skycamp’s tents are hard-shell models, with an emphasis on being lightweight and aerodynamic. Their primary appeal is ease of setup; for most tents, it takes less than one minute. They also feature a signature Skyview window. The brand’s tents have won multiple Red Dot design awards for their clever designs.

kho hàng iKamper
iKamper Warehouse in Vietnam

iKamper Gallery

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